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Driver fled scene after Indiana collision

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Anyone who is involved in an automobile accident in Indiana or elsewhere is required by law to remain at the scene until police arrive and say that they are free to go. In certain circumstances, such as if the person in question has suffered life-threatening injuries, he or she is exempt from this obligation. A recent collision occurred in Indiana that had disastrous results.  

To make matters worse, one of the drivers is said to have fled the scene after the accident. Preliminary investigations showed that two vehicles were involved in the collision. It occurred at approximately 6 p.m. on a recent Friday.  

A van traveling north of Washington Street was struck 

Police say that a 31-year-old was behind the wheel of a van that was traveling north of Washington Street when a Jeep slammed into it. The van was carrying a passenger at the time. The force of the impact resulted in head injury to the passenger, who was transported to a nearby hospital. Sadly, the van driver suffered fatal injuries in the collision. 

Police apprehended the other driver about two blocks from the scene 

While the other driver may have attempted to flee the scene of the accident, he reportedly did not get far. Indiana police apprehended him approximately two blocks from the crash site. A DUI investigation has been activated in connection with the incident. In cases where driver negligence is responsible for a collision, recovering victims may seek compensation for damages in a civil court. If a victim’s injuries proved fatal, his or her immediate family members may seek restitution against the person deemed responsible for their loved one’s death.