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Indiana traffic stop ends in drug charges for 2

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Uncategorized

In many instances, what begins as a routine Indiana traffic stop might develop into a criminal case if the driver or any passengers are taken into police custody. Such was the case when a patrol officer attempted to stop a particular motorist, who also had a passenger in his vehicle, at the time. The officer reportedly initiated the traffic stop after noticing that the vehicle’s license plate was expired. The traffic stop resulted in two men facing drug charges.

When Indiana police make a traffic stop, they are usually cautious and observant regarding a driver’s behavior or anything a passenger in a vehicle might be doing. In this case, police claim to have witnessed suspicious activity in the vehicle, though a media report about the incident did not identify exactly what the police claim to have observed. A search of the vehicle was then conducted.

Passenger was accused of drug possession

A male passenger in the vehicle was allegedly in possession of illegal drugs. He was taken into police custody and is now facing criminal charges. In addition to the methamphetamine that the 47-year-old man is alleged to have had in his possession, police say they also discovered cocaine, marijuana and other drug-related items in the car.

Refuting drug charges in an Indiana court

The 51-year-old driver is also facing drug charges. In any case, a defendant can enter a plea of not guilty and refute the charges in court. Doing so does not guarantee a particular outcome, but those who act alongside experienced criminal defense support have a greater chance of achieving a positive result.